Celebrating the 1930s!

Singing Sunday

Happy first Singing Sunday of Bestival 2020! 


Today we are featuring Kevin Coates singing "Sunny Side of the Street",  and Iron Tonic Jazz Band performing "When Shadows Fall".

You can find Kevin Coates at: 


Kevin Coates on Youtube

You can find Iron Tonic Jazz Band at:


Iron Tonic Jazz Band on Youtube 


Musing Monday

Happy Musing Monday! Today we are bringing you a lesson on how to create an Art Deco painting!


Today's lesson is taught by @colourmetori on Instagram! The material you will need is:

1. Canvas/Paper/Cardboard - artist choice.             2. Paintbrush 

3. Pencil                                                                                             4. Cup & water

5. Paint markers (if you have them!)                             6. Cardboard & scissors

7. Painter's tape (if you have it!)                                        8. 3-4 colours of tape

9. Ruler and measuring tape.


Check out the video for instructions! Share your art with us with the hashtag #KWBestival2020. We can't wait to see your art!

Kid Time Tuesday

Happy Kid Time Tuesday!

Today we will be teaching you how to make a telephone can that really works! What you'll need for this craft is:
1. 2 metal cans
2. String
3. A hammer
4. A nail
5. Adult supervision!

Follow the steps in the video to make your own telephone can! Share your crafts with the hashtag #KWBestival2020. We can't wait to see what you make!

Wellness Wednesday

Happy Wellness Wednesday! Today we are bringing you a mac & cheese cooking lesson by Derek Hines.


Did you know Kraft Dinner made its debute in Canada in 1939, and to this day Canadians still eat more Kraft Dinner than anywhere else in the world!?


Thanks to Derek Hines, today we show you an easy way to bring your mac and cheese to the next level, and it only takes a few more minutes! 

You can find Derek Hines at:

Dinner by DerekBoutique Catering 

Music by Randy Lyght


Let us know if you make this recipe by sharing your posts with the hashtage #KWBestival2020!

Throwback Thursday

Happy Throwback Thursday! Today we are going back to Bestival 2019.


We are featuring some musicians from Bestival 2019, do you recognize anyone!?

In order of appearance, the musicians in the video are:

Goodnight, Sunrise

Romeo Sex Fighter

Craig McNair 


Rufus John

My Son The Hurricane


Do you have any videos from previous Bestivals that you want to share? Post them with the hashtag #KWBestival2020 or send them to us!

Free for all Friday

Happy Free for all Friday!


Did you know that in 1930 Cairine Wilson was the first woman appointed to senate in Canada? Since then, we have continued to fight for equal rights for everyone.


Today we bring you a video from Senator Marty Deacon speaking on women's rights in Canada, and Bestival 2020! 


This was an important step for women's rights, but we acknowledge that not all women had the same rights in the 1930s. In the upcoming weeks, we will further discuss the equal rights Canadians have fought so strongly for, and continue to fight for today.