Reminiscing on the 1950s!

Singing Sunday

Welcome to our 1950s week! Today we are starting off with a performance by Paul Hock of the song "Dream a Little Dream of Me".


Although this song came out in 1931, we still want to share this performance and felt that the song fits well into our 1950s week!


You can find Paul Hock at:


We hope you enjoyed today's video! 

Musing Monday

Welcome to Musing Monday!


Today Candice Leyland paints a beautiful watercolour painting of a sunflower field. 🌻 🎨


Sunflowers are timeless and have been popularized throughout the decades in many different ways. Today, if you're lucky, you may be able to find a vintage dress from the 1950s with sunflowers on them!


Watercolour has been around for a very long time, but became more popular in the 19th century. Even today, watercolour is still a popular art genre!


To find more of Candice Leyland's work:

@Candiceleylandart on Instagram

Candice Leyland on Facebook

Kid Time Tuesday

Welcome to Kid Time Tuesday!


Milkshakes are a well known treat from the 1950s, so we are showing you a recipe so easy that kids can make it, with adult supervision!


This recipe only needs two ingredients: milk and ice cream, all the toppings are not necessary but they definitely do add more flavour to the milkshake!


Let us know if you try this simple milkshake recipe! 


Recipe inspired from:…/classic-american-milkshake-recipes

Music from:

Wellness Wednesday

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday!


Today The Culinary Studio, a beloved Belmont Village restaurant & cooking school, gives an instructional video on how to make a retro caesar salad!


Today you can find caesar salad dressing almost anywhere, but this retro recipe goes back to the origins of a caesar salad. This salad dressing recipe only requires a few extra minutes, and is definitely worth the extra time!


You can find the full recipe & ingredients here:


To find more recipes, cooking classes & more info on The Culinary Studio:

The Culinary Studio on Facebook

@CulinaryStudio on Instagram

Throwback Thursday

Today is Throwback Thursday!

We are going back to our first year of Bestival, 2017!

Today we feature two videos from Bestival 2017:

1. Gary Cain Band

You can find Gary Cain band at:

Gary Cain Band on Facebook

2. EK Cigar Box Guitars

You can find EK Cigar Box Guitars at:

@Ekcigarboxguitars on Instagram

EK Cigar Box Guitars on Facebook

We hope that next year we will be able to celebrate together again, but until then we can celebrate our past in person Bestivals! Happy Throwback Thursday.

For Free For All Friday this week, we are bringing some more music content!


Kevin Coates sings "Kansas City", a song originally released in 1952 by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, who had never been to Kansas City!


The song Kansas City didn't become a chart-topping hit until 1959, when it was recorded by Wilbert Harrison. Today, people still enjoy this hit from the 1950s!


You can find Kevin Coates at:

Kevin Coates on Youtube ( 


Have a great weekend, we'll be back on Sunday with a new video!

Free For All Friday