Let's dance through the 1970s!


Singing Sunday

Welcome to our 1970s week!


Today's Singing Sunday we are bringing you an awesome cover of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Double Impact. This song was originally written by Freddie Mercury, from the band Queen, in the late 1970s. 


Want to celebrate the 1970s more on your own time? Watch the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody"! This movie is all about how Queen came to be, and the struggles of Freddie Mercury.


Thank you to Double Impact for sharing this awesome cover! You can find them here:

Double Impact on Facebook


Musing Monday

Welcome to Musing Monday!


Today we present to you an awesome video about tessellation art, with a 1970s twist!


Jason Panda brings you through his process of how he made this awesome tessellation piece. He starts with research, and goes through many other steps that result in an awesome final piece!


Do you want to know more about tessellation art? Watch this video to find out more!


Find Jason Panda here:


@KW Panda on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube


Happy Monday!

Kid Time Tuesday

Happy Kid Time Tuesday!


Did you that in the 1970s, pet rocks were a popular collectable toy!? They were marketed like live pets and even came in their own box with holes.


Today we are bringing you an easy tutorial on how to paint a rock and turn it into anything you want! You can use this tutorial to inspire your own ideas, and you could even make your own pet rock! Or you could paint some rocks for decor around your house and garden.


Today's tutorial is brought to you by @molrocks on Instagram. She donates a portion of all her proceeds to homeless charities in the area, so that they can get the help they need during these uncertain times.


Watch this video below to learn more about Molly's passion for helping others, and learn how to paint your own rock!


To support Molly's business, you can find her on Instagram @molrocks! 


Happy Tuesday!


Music: bensound.com

Wellness Wednesday

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday!


Today Midtown Yoga Kitchener Waterloo, a beloved Belmont Village business, introduces you to their studio and some of the services they offer!


Midtown Yoga offers many different types of yoga classes for people of all skill sets! You can attend their lessons no matter where you are in your yoga journey.


Due to the pandemic, they had to change how they teach their lessons. They started virtual yoga lessons & created an online subscription service that provides you with many lessons you can do at your own leisure!


Now that things have started opening up again, they have started giving smaller in-person lessons while following many safety precautions. 


In two weeks, on September 2nd, we will be featuring a 45 minute yoga lesson for our followers! It will be completely free and available on our social media accounts & website! Keep a lookout for that video!


You can find Midtown yoga here:


Midtown Yoga Kitchener Waterloo on Facebook

@MidtownYogaKw on Instagram


Music: bensound.com

Throwback Thursday

For Throwback Thursday today we are bringing you an awesome video that started at Bestival 2019.


At Bestival 2019, Mary Neil created a community song with our Bestival community. This song is featured in today's video, in addition to the highlights of the 2019 City of Kitchener Artist in Residence program!


Did you participate in a Mary Neil community song event? Check out the video to see if you can spot yourself! There's clips from more events than just Bestival!


You can find Mary Neil here:


Free For All Friday

Happy Free For All Friday!


Today we bring you a super easy tie-dye tutorial! If you have any white clothing lying around the house this video is for you!


We want to first thank one of our sponsors for Bestival 2020, Tim Hortons. Without their support we wouldn't be able to celebrate a virtual Bestival event coming this September.


In the 1970s, the tie-dye trend continued from the previous decade. "Hippie" fashion continued to be popular in the 1970s, but it evolved with the new trends of the decade.


This tutorial is super easy and doesn't take much time! The most time-consuming part is the waiting for it to absorb the dye.


We hope you are able to make your own tie-dye with this easy tutorial! Happy Friday! 


Music: bensound.com