Bestival on CTV Performers

Tim Louis
You can find Tim Louis here:
You can find Juneyt here:
Juneyt- Yetkiner on Facebook
@juneytyetkiner on Instagram
Safe As Houses
You can find Safe as Houses here:
Safe As Houses on Facebook
@Safeashouses_official on Instagram
Group Therapy and the OCD Horns
You can find Group Therapy and the OCD Horns here:
Northern Harvest
You can find Northern Harvest here:
Northern Harvest - Formerly The Bluegrass Project on Facebook
@NorthernHarvestMusic on Instagram
Paige Warner
You can find Paige Warner here:
Paige Warner on Facebook
@PaigeWarnerMusic on Instagram
Sultans of String
You can find Sultans of String here:
Sultans of String on Facebook
@SultansOfString on Instagram
Jessie T
You can find Jessie T here:
Jessie T on Facebook
@Jessiet.official on Instagram
Avalon Bridger
You can find Avalon Bridger here:
Avalon's Music on Facebook
@AvalonBridger on Instagram
Jesse Parent
You can find Jesse Parent here:
Jesse Parent Music on Facebook
@JesseParentMusic on Instagram
LoFi Mind
You can find LoFi Mind here:
LoFi Mind on Facebook
Top Pocket
You can find Top Pocket here:
Top Pocket on Facebook
Clefs of Moher
You can find Clefs of Moher here:
Clefs of Moher on Facebook
Romeo Sex Fighter
You can find Romeo Sex Fighter here:
Romeo Sex Fighter on Facebook
@RomeoSexFighter on Instagram

The 4th annual Belmont Village Bestival will be celebrated on CTV and online this year!


Check out our social media and Virtual Festival Section of the website to access the Virtual Bestival!