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Skylar Lawrence-LeBel

Media & Promotional Coordinator

Skylar is a polished marketing leader with over 10 years of B2C and B2B experience. He is the VP of Marketing at Planitar Inc., the makers of the iGUIDE system and one of Canada's leading prop-tech companies. Previously he was the Director of Marketing at Avidbots, a global robotics company that most recently raised $70M USD in Series C funding.

He's a proven marketing leader who developed his skillset at some of Canada's premier agencies. Over the years he's led teams that have crafted award-winning marketing campaigns for organizations including Shoppers Drug Mart, BMW, Stoli Vodka, CIBC, and Coca-Cola.

When not guiding high-performing marketing teams, he loves spending time with his family including his husband, Adam, daughter, Quinn, and their two Chihuahuas. Once a competitive golfer, you can find him on the golf course if he's not with his family.

Skylar Lawrence-LeBel
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