Bestival Green

Belmont Village Bestival is held in the beautiful Belmont Village, Kitchener ON. You can find us on Belmont Ave W between Belmont/Union and Belmont/Glasgow. We chose to name our festival after the location in honour of the wonderful community. 

Bestival 2019 Map


Active Transportation

Bestival encourages all of our attendees to use an active mode of transportation to our events; whether it be walking, roller blading, biking, or even dancing your way to Bestival. Get your heart pumping before you set your feet on the event grounds. We aim to be as eco-friendly as possible and encourage our festival-goers to do the same!

Bestival Bike Valet

We are extremely happy to announce that our Bestival Bike Valet is back for another year. A big thank you to all of those who choose to embark on our active transportation mentality.

The Bestival Bike Valet will be available at Dettmer Tire Auto Centre Parking Lot (660 Belmont Ave W, Kitchener) from 10AM to 10PM on Bestival Day 2 (Saturday, September 14th, 2019). Free of charge and securely monitored, your bike will be safe with us! 

Canva - Bicycles Parked.jpg

Public Transportation

Grand River Transit (GRT)

The Waterloo Region, courtesy of Grand River Transit, has a wide variety of bus routes available to Belmont Village. Bus stop #2766 at Belmont/Glasgow and #1958 at Belmont/Union. Click here to plan your GRT route to Bestival now. 

ION Light Rail (LRT)

With its grand opening on June 21, 2019, the LRT is now an amazing option for our Bestival attendees to travel in style this September. Click here to plan your LRT route to Bestival now.



Unfortunately, Bestival does not provide onsite parking to attendees - as the entire Belmont Village (Union/Belmont to Glasgow/Belmont) is shut down for the event. Fortunately, Bestival is a prime location accessible by many other forms of transportation!