Belmont Village Bestival
Artists and Vendors

Come and be amazed!

Take a stroll down Belmont Ave. and visit all of our wonderful local artists. Be prepared to want to take some of their work home with you! 

ManChoi Chow - Photographer
ManChoi Chow
ManChoi Chow
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ManChoi Chow
ManChoi Chow
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ManChoi Chow
ManChoi Chow

New Perspectives

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Manchoi Chow
Manchoi Chow

Floral and Fantasy

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ManChoi Chow
ManChoi Chow
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ManChoi Chow
ManChoi Chow

Sugar Shack - New Dundee

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ManChoi Chow
ManChoi Chow

Floral Fantasy

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ManChoi Chow
ManChoi Chow
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ManChoi Chow
ManChoi Chow

New Perspectives

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Cigar box guitars came into being in the mid 1800’s when people didn’t have money to purchase instruments so they made their own from whatever was on hand - a broom stick, cigar box and so on. 

Ed Kliewer has upscaled this functional folk art into beautiful and unique musical instruments. These one-of-a-kind guitars are easy to play and sound great plugged or unplugged. Due to the differences in the materials used and Ed’s interest in exploring new ideas and techniques no two guitars will ever look or sound alike.

tina jensen.jpg

The daughter of Danish immigrants, Tina was born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. Ever inspired by the rugged and poignant beauty of the Canadian landscape, she paints in oils, enjoying the luminosity afforded by this medium. Often portraying Canadian rural scenes and florals seen in everyday life, she infuses her depictions with the exhilaration of saturated colour and radiant light, capturing and preserving on canvas those shimmering instants in time when they remind  us that we are always surrounded by magic.


Elsie Jennison

Elsie Jennison is a young visual artist from Kitchener Ontario. From the moment she could hold a pencil, Elsie has been fixated with art, spending most of her time drawing. Elsie’s love of manga, video games, pokemon, and graphic novels shines through in her work. While her preferred mediums are pencil and marker drawing, Elsie also dabbles in paint, as well as clay and paper stop-motion animation. Elsie has studied with Kitchener artists Jennifer Gough, Kate Cox, Glen Anthony, and regularly attends classes at the international award-winning Sheepdog Animation Studio. Elsie hopes one day to become a successful animator and graphic novelist. She is learning about the entrepreneurial side of artistry through her line of stickers and prints. Thank you for supporting young artists like Elsie!

Elsie Jennison.jpeg

Chantal Zettel

Chantal Zettel is a Canadian, Mixed Media Artist based out of the Tri City's, her studio is located in Kitchener, Ontario. Because Chantal’s work consists of mixed media, she likes to dabble in a little bit of everything. However, she works mostly with acrylic paint and is inspired by feminine/feminist concepts and actions.


Jenn Lambert

Jenn lambert3.jpg
Jenn Lambert2.jpg
Jenn Lambert4.jpg

Hailing Dutch/First Nations background her heritage touches every piece. An endless source of creativity, Jenn is always inspired by the world around her. The smallest objects speak to her. Be it wood, paint, or plaster, she can see their hidden destination. She has a love of all things innocent and fanciful and enjoys finding ways to incorporate ot into her art.


In her early, Jenn would design and create unique gifts for her friends and family. Over time, her work has become more and more popular with others who find her in hide away places.


If you happen to purchase one of her pieces, you will be happy to know that Jenns heart calls her to donate her profits to local charities. Some of her efforts have gone into making baby blankets for Mary's place, adopting families for Christmas, and making donations to various other charity events.

Wendy Jackman3_edited.jpg

Marilyn Hartwick

Marilyn was born in Toronto, with a desire to draw from an early age. She studied fine arts at Goshen College, Indiana and participated in a 6 week art history/watercolour class in Florence, Italy. She then transferred to the University of Waterloo to continue a fine arts education. Through the years she has continued to grow through artist workshops and classes.

Wendy Jackman 2_edited.jpg
Wendy Jackman1_edited.jpg

Wendy Jackman

Wendy Jackman is an English and Dramatic Arts teacher who recently swapped out writing poetry and fantasy for acrylic pouring.

Marilyn Hartwick2.jpg
Marilyn Hartwick1.jpg

Mark Yungblut

Kokura 2 Colour Final.jpg
Grizzly Bear.jpg

Michael Brown


Michael Brown is both an Airbrush Artist and an Oil Painter. 

By day he has a career in; Automation and Robotics. This field has allowed Michael to also enjoy making things! 

When he is not Painting with Oil‘s or Airbrushing Portraits, Michael enjoys creating and Designing Scale Miniatures with Cad and his 3-D printers in his home workshop. On the weekends, Michael can be found building custom Remote Controlled Airplanes, Helicopters or Scale highly detailed Trucks. 


Michael also enjoys Photography. He uses his own reference images to create his very own style that he puts into his paintings and sketches. These are created freehand.


Over the last three years he’s been in high demand for commissions, and completes between 15 and 20 every year. 


All of his work can be seen on the following pages:

    •    •    Instagram; brown4729_painter 

    •    •    Facebook (Art page); Michael R Brown Artist 

    •    •    Facebook (Maker page); Mike’s junkyard


Emily McDougall


Emily McDougall is a local artist and the owner of Emily Paints Events where she specializes in live paintings that capture a moment in time while it happens. Her live paintings bring an immersive experience to events such as fundraisers, weddings, parties, and (of course!) Bestivals. With years of experience drawing, painting, and portraiture her acrylic and oil paintings breathe life into the canvas as though you were standing right where she was. At this years Bestival Emily will be capturing the streets, artists, and attendees on canvas and offering small portraits.

Lisa Golem.jpg

Lisa Golem

Lisa's style of contemporary art evokes emotion using vivid colour palettes, movement and flow. Her work is sometimes textured, sometimes smooth... sometimes warm, sometimes cool; but it is always intuitive, transcendent and wildly spiritual

Jack MacAulay

“I have been fascinated by B/W photography since my 13th birthday in 1954. I have shown in over 170 exhibits, and have had over 50 solo shows. Since 1974 I have been using large format gear but in 2013 I switched to medium format. I taught photography and design at KWCVS for 22 years, as well as part-time at Conestoga College in the 1980s. After moving to Kitchener-Waterloo in 1965 I came to love the Southern Ontario landscape in all seasons. My favourite is winter.”


Salma Nasreldin 

I use palettes and compositions that provoke my emotions as an artist, woman and mother to create intimate artwork that tells lines from a story that the viewer completes. My paintings depict feminine interests and female figures through different life stages as I try to explore the psychological insight of my subject while highlighting the natural beauty of the scene. I portray them with colours that match my quiet yet contradicting nature, soft lines and expressive forms that creates artwork somewhere where Classical and Contemporary meet. While painting I seek salvation and peace of mind, it's my personal form of meditation.

Middle Sister's Cult Embroidery is made up of solo fibre artist, Jill, who is based in Guelph. Jill began embroidery as a therapeutic hobby during busy school semesters but with the support of friends, family, and the art community it quickly turned into the small business that it is today.

Jill Barclay
Tori Koller

Pure North is the creation of K-W artist Tori Koller. An accomplished photographer, printmaker, illustrator and chef, Tori finds inspiration in local food, culture, architecture and people. Tori works out of her home studio, constantly creating, cooking and cultivating fine handcrafted products. 

Pure North Print Making & Illustration offers beautiful hand crafted original prints, paper and fibre art. 

As well, Pure North offers workshops to help participants learn new skills in illustration, printmaking, cooking and more. Join us for a scheduled workshop or contact us to book an at home service!

Pure North mingles illustration, printmaking and learning, with endless possibilities.

Anna Krajewski Gallery and Picture Framing

Visit us for original paintings, prints and photography of cityscapes by Alex Krajewski and florals by Anna Krajewski. Gifts: mugs, postcards, coasters and magnets of scenic Cambridge, Elora, Kitchener, Waterloo, Paris Ontario, Toronto, Stratford and other outlying cities are also available.

Paul Brown

Paul is a local artist showing now at Frames by Verne and Gallery in Kitchener . In his youth he attended the Ontario College of Art. He has also shown at Paula White Diamond Gallery over the past two years.  His focus is in acrylics landscapes and seascape paintings. Paul is a member of KWSA, a society of artists, and Studio 30 of Cambridge.